Our caregivers are incredible! As highly valued members of our team, Visiting Angels takes extra special care in going above and beyond what is considered to be "industry standards" to select only the best caregivers for you. Our caregivers are screened and hired to the highest possible standards to help ensure your safety and satisfaction. For this reason, we provide the following measures in hiring all caregivers

Caregiver Introductions

While screening caregivers is important, there is nothing that can take the place of meeting a caregiver personally. Visiting Angels enjoys the opportunity to have you and your family "Select Your Caregiver" from our capable staff. During this interview process, we look for 2 specific responses: 1. How well suited is this caregiver to meet the specific needs 2. How well the caregiver and care recipient's personalities work together. Once you feel comfortable with the caregiver, care can start at your pleasure. The Select Your Caregiver process helps to ensure that the caregiver you want is the caregiver you choose!

We Hire Only Experienced Caregivers

Caregivers who join the Visiting Angels team must meet our minimum experience requirements. We then require that only independent verifiable sources are used as references.

Background Checks

All caregivers undergo extremely rigorous background checks. The following checks are mandatory for all caregivers:

  • National Criminal Background Check
  • State Level Background Check
  • Social Security Number validation
  • Sex Offender Registry checking
  • Local multi-county criminal background checks
  • Department of Motor Vehicle checks

As you can see, we are extremely thorough, and incredibly cautious for help ensure your safety. We would expect nothing less if we were caring for our own family.

Computerized Profiling

We believe in taking all measures necessary to find the idea caregiver for you. Part of this process is evaluating a caregiver in different ways. One of the ways that we look at a person is by giving that person computerized test to determine what kind of an individual that caregiver is "under the hood". Our computerized testing is yet another component of our due diligence process and tests for the following:

  • General Reasoning - Cognitive Abilities
  • Conscientiousness
  • Tough Mindedness - How agreeable of tough minded an individual is
  • Conventional - How well this person should follow rules and structure
  • Extroversion - Outgoing vs. Reserved Listener
  • Stability - Sensitive and anxious vs. Calm and stress resistant
  • How much of a team player this candidate is
  • How frank and candid a person is
  • Hostility Level
  • Integrity Levels
  • Propensity for substance abuse
  • Propensity for sexual abuse
  • Propensity for computer misuse
  • Personality Profiling etc.

While we do not rely on computer based testing to screen our applicants, it allows us to have one more component to evaluate when making a hiring decision.

Drug Screening

Visiting Angels reserves the option to drug screen all caregivers prior to being hired and perform random drug screens thereafter.


If there is one thing that we have learned, it is that if you expect great things from your team, you must train them to meet that expectation. Hiring "experienced" caregivers should not replace ongoing training. Everyone needs to "sharpen the saw" so to speak. New techniques and educational breakthroughs happen all of the time. We want our caregivers to be the best; and the only way to do that is to train for the best.

Phone Check in/out System

How do you know that your caregiver providing care when they are supposed to be? Visiting Angels has a phone clock in and out system. The caregivers are required to clock in and out from your home phone. We are aware of exactly when a caregiver arrives by that phone call. If the caregiver has not arrived within 10 minutes of a scheduled shift, all Visiting Angels administrative personnel are alerted by email, text message and paging so that proactive measures can be taken to ensure that a visit is not missed.

Reference Checks

Visiting Angels requires all caregivers to have positive responses from verifiable industry references. An individual’s past experience is at times a good indicator of future performance. For this reason, we seek out only those caregivers with independently verifiable references.

Quality Assurance

Not only does Visiting Angels put in place an incredibly strong filtering system when hiring caregivers; but when caregivers are providing care we schedule unannounced drop-in's called "Quality Assurance Visits". We want to speak with you to see how satisfied you are with the care that is being provided and if it appears as though the caregiver is performing at the pre-determined level in accordance with the Care Plan. We have found throughout the years that an unannounced visit is one of the best ways to determine how successfully care is being provided. If desired, the family can also be kept informed of the outcome of each visit. Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.